Reporting Suspected Abuse Quiz

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Katie’s Story

Katie is a lady in her 60s who lives alone; she has felt very lonely since her husband died four years ago. Katie retired from work after an extended absence for depression and anxiety. She has an adequate pension, and is not worried about finances.  She has a daughter who is married and lives and works in Yorkshire, and a son who is local but doesn’t often visit as they don’t get on .

You are Katie’s befriender; you’ve known her for six months and have been getting on really well. During your time together you have managed to get out regularly and enjoy tea and cakes in a local café, and also visited a local art gallery.

When you went to visit last week Katie mentioned her son had been to visit twice the previous week. The house was very cold and the heating off. She seemed distracted, and when you suggested going out for tea and cake, she said she wasn’t allowed to waste her money on going out as there were urgent bills to pay.

You gently ask what she means by ‘not allowed’, but she gets tearful and says she can’t tell you and is going to go and have a nap.

Reporting Suspected Abuse Quiz