Early Years Parenting

6 Lessons

Course overview

What this course covers:

  • Where our views on parenting come from
  • Infant/child emotional development
  • What influences infant/child development
  • Positive parenting ideas

What this course doesn’t cover:

  • Practical methods for infant/child care (e.g. feeding/washing/sleeping)
  • Infant/child development milestones/stages (e.g. motor skills/language)

General notes:

  • Throughout this course the term parent is used to simplify language. This refers to those people who are the child’s principle care givers, so that may be the biological parents, family members, adopting adults, foster parents for instance.
  • The term baby or child is used throughout this course in the singular. This does not exclude that there may be more than one baby/child but is used to simplify language.
  • Gender identity (him/her) throughout is described as either him or her to simplify language. The genders where used are interchangeable, the use of one does not exclude the other.

Age terminology, these are approximate:

  • Baby 0-6 months
  • Infant (toddler) 6 months – 2 years
  • Child 2 years – 12 years
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